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Tiger Tykes


A Pre-karate program for children ages 4-6 years of age. This program is designed to be an age appropriate introduction to a classroom situation. One lesson per week will be offered. The curriculum repeats and rotates. The familiarity which comes from repetition helps build self-confidence in an environment where they can enjoy their introduction to Martial Arts.

Children & Teens


Karate is often recommended as a way to help children and teens achieve greater social, physical, mental and emotional growth. As karate skills develop, a Child's self-confidence, agility, grace and attention span will be greatly increased. A positive self image will develop through karate's physical and mental training. The achievement of a Karate belt color provides a short-term goal structure that teaches children to be success oriented, some may advance quickly but at our school all children are successful. As children become teens the school provides a positive alternative to the sometimes undesirable peer pressures place on our youth.

Martial Arts for Adults 


Both men and women are finding the Martial Arts to be the key to personal security. Skills and knowledge developed at our school will give people the capability to stand up to any situation. The flexibility and exercise combined with the kicking and punching of karate workouts provide a total body tone-up and weight control program that is far more interesting than most exercise programs that bore... and fail. These workouts also provide an excellent release from stress and frustrations that build up in all of us. The ability to defend oneself and one’s family, knowing that you are not vulnerable, is a tremendous feeling and an asset to any person.

Martial Arts Hudson

Special Needs Curriculum



The instructors at Zanshin Kenjutsu Kenpo Karate have successfully worked with students who have speech and language delays, ADD, ADHD, autism, and physical disabilities. Sensei Dave has many years experience working with special needs children including that from his own personal experience. 

Structured physical programs such as karate can have a positive influence in developing concentration, self-confidence, and group participation. 

Because children with special needs may require more time to develop a level of comfort and success in any program, Zanshin Kenjutsu welcomes these children to observe, try partial participation, and use parental assistance as necessary. Each child will be encouraged to participate as fully as possible during each lesson to optimize independence, success and gain self confidence. Arrangements can be made for children to participate in one or more free classes before signing up to evaluate the benefits and success of their participation in our program. If parents or guardians feel they would like to have children integrated in other classes, this can be taken into consideration as well. 

While the special needs program is specifically geared towards children between the ages of four and six, programs for children ages seven and up will be available. Participation will be considered for these children based on the judgment of the instructor, parents/guardians, and on the child's level of comfort. However, the final enrollment decision is at the discretion of the instructor. 

Parents and guardians of special needs children are welcome to visit at any class time to observe the class and speak with parents who currently have children enrolled. Instructors will be happy to discuss any concerns or strategies for integrating any child into the program for a successful and productive learning experience. You may contact Sensei Dave directly at 978-618-3838 to discuss your child's needs.

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